The Usacars company was founded in 2014. In 2016, we made a strategic decision to expand to Europe. From now on, we devote even more time to individual work with each client and try to make our partners only truly worthwhile offers, interesting in all respects. More than 150 exclusive American cars were sold to the EU. Each car is a real reason for the pride of its owner.

We always work with full commitment and are focused on the result, so we get the same sincere and warm grateful feedback from the customers. For us, this is a powerful motivational factor to become even better and achieve new success. You can read the reviews on the website mobile.de.

The main priority of the USACARS is the quality of service, logistics processes, negotiations and legal support. We value our reputation too much to offer you a technically faulty car. We believe that there are no trifles in working with technology, so we do not rush or chase the quantity, we prefer unhurried, filigree work.

Before you get behind the wheel of the car of your dreams, it will undergo a multi-stage procedure of strict technical control. So, you avoid getting even a hint at possible problems with an exclusive car that you have just purchased.

In addition to the perfect technical condition, we understand how important the aesthetic aspect is for you. Therefore, a serious chemical cleaning in the interior of the car before the sale is a must for us. At the exit you get the perfect vehicle, every minute of using which is a real pleasure.









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You arrive in Tallinn, where a representative of our company meets you at the airport. You can solve all major issues with him on the spot. Your personal manager will help: — inspect the car and pass an independent technical control in a pre-booked service center; — provide transit numbers, insurance and other necessary documents for your safe return back home in a new car. If for some reason you do not want to travel back in a new car, we offer the service of delivery of the vehicle.


You get all the information about the selected car. Next, send an advance payment of 1500 euros. After receipt of funds to the account, we will organize a prompt delivery of the car to the address specified by you. The remaining amount is due upon receipt of the vehicle. If necessary, the car may pass an independent technical control in your country.